How To Maintain Your HVAC

It is important that you take the necessary steps to maintain your HVAC system.

Each unit has an individual HVAC system that lies within the unit boundaries. As per your Condominium Documents, which can be found in your owners portal in AppFolio, each unit owner is responsible for the routine maintenance and care of their HVAC systems.


It is recommended that routine preventative maintenance be performed each year. A spring tune-up examines the air conditioning unit and a fall tune-up checks the furnace/air handler. Preventative maintenance includes lubricating all moving components, cleaning the coils, cleaning tubing, making sure burners operate efficiently, and calibrating the thermostat.


In addition, it is also recommended that you change your air filters on a quarterly basis. A dirty air filter is a leading cause of HVAC system failure. Dirty filters restrict the airflow into the system causing additional strain on the fan motor and over time can cause the system to overheat and ultimately fail. Replacing your filters will also prevent problems with air quality. A dirty filter collects dirt, mold, and bacteria, all of which can cause or worsen respiratory problems for those living in the unit.


Servicing your HVAC system allows for increased energy efficiency, reduces the number of breakdowns, prevents interior leaks, and gives a longer life to the unit. Read on for some of the benefits of performing preventative maintenance.


Benefits of Performing Preventative Maintenance


Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained HVAC system uses less energy to operate. A dirty, unmaintained system needs to work harder to produce the same amount of cooling and heating which causes an increase in electricity, heating, and cooling utility costs. Replacing your filters quarterly allows proper airflow through the system and reduces overall energy consumption. A well-maintained machine uses less energy which creates less stress on the components of the machine.


Reduce Breakdowns & Prevents Interior Leaks

Completing routine maintenance allows your HVAC contractor to identify small problems in the system before they become significant. Failing to schedule preventative maintenance can result in costly emergency repairs. An HVAC contractor will be able to identify and resolve any issues before they arise so the unit is able to function when you need it most. Your HVAC contractor will also be able to clean the drain lines which will prevent clogs from occurring. When your drain line clogs, the water that your air conditioner produces has nowhere to go and can cause leaks to form on your ceilings and walls.


Prolong the Life of the Unit

Over time, coils and fins become coated with dust and debris. The dirty coils and fins then impede airflow causing the unit to work harder. Proper airflow improves the overall efficiency of the system, so the better it is maintained, the longer the system will be able to function. 


As a unit owner, you have the choice to hire any licensed HVAC company that you would like to service your unit. Below is a list of licensed HVAC contractors who can complete preventative maintenance for you at their individual service rate. For the vendors below, we ask that you contact them directly to schedule service at a time convenient for you and the mechanical contractor.